Motorola PC Suite



Motorola’s official PC Suite called Motorola Device Manager is free sync software to easily manage your contacts and share the information contained in your mobile phone or tablet with your computer. The Device Manager makes easy to transfer pictures, create your own ringtones and move your contacts from your old phone to your new one. The software includes all necessary USB drivers. The program also allows you to write directly from your computer and view your text messages. You can connect via Usb, Bluetooth.

Motorola PC Suite

Motorola Device Manager Software works similar to Motorola Phone Tools, it will enable you to transfer ringtones, pictures, music, videos and diverse content. In short, you will have the opportunity to create connections to the Internet and use them whenever you want. And you can create backups of your contacts and store them where you find most convenient.

How to install the driver from Motorola

Get this utility and begin to enjoy with ease. First of all, download the Motorola Device Manager from the below link and then run the application. Once the process is complete, drivers will be automatically installed on your pc. We recommend connecting the device to your computer or mobile phone after the end of the process, in order to avoid mistakes.

Download Free Motorola PC Suite




Motorola Software Update


System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, XP (SP3 or greater), Vista
  • Mac OS 10.5.8 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion

Note : It works with devices running Android, Motorola OS, or Windows Mobile operating system



• Synchronizes PC with Motorola devices

• Exchange files

• Enables to generate backups of contacts

• Simple installation

• Requires low Disk Space



• The interface can be dysfunctional


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