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Microsoft has announced the first official blog post that is actually in September 2011 at the BUILD conference  about Windows 8 and will be there to give further details about the tools and capabilities of Windows 8.

Microsoft Windows 8 (Code name Chidori) will include some elements of the research project Midori but it will also take over some functions of the project’s internal Microsoft Singularity . It will also be very different from Windows 7. Microsoft Windows 8 will be available in 32 bits, 64 bits and mobile architecture ARM . For now, no beta is available for download.

Windows 8 Build 7989

Microsoft Windows 8 Build 7989

Microsoft Windows 8 should be released in September 2011 in beta, and then in 2012 for the commercial versions. But pirated versions are already circulating on the Internet, notably on networks peer-to-peer . These are versions for most of development reserved exclusively to Microsoft personnel. Various websites have begun to publish overviews of the operating system which comes mainly from internal leaks, seeing the next popularity of the OS, like Windows 8.


Windows 8 Photos


Windows 8 Features & Specifications :

  • the possibility of restoring the factory settings without reinstalling Windows or touch the personal files of the user;
  • a dynamic 3D interface (code-named “Wind”) for 64-bit processors and / or high configurations;
  • interface “Aero Lite” (which would replace the current Basic theme) for small configurations and / or with a 32-bit processors;
  • support shelves with the ARM architecture mobile (confirmed by Microsoft );
  • an application store similar to the Ubuntu archive or Mac App Store (confirmed by Microsoft );
  • Ribbon type interface in Windows Explorer like Microsoft Office from version 2007 ;
  • a new home screen right out of that of Windows 7 Phone is also expected (confirmed by Microsoft);
  • Automatic colorization Aero theme, option to automatically adjust the color of transparent areas based on the wallpaper used;
  • mounting ISO images natively integrated ;
  • a new feature called “History Vault” that would automate the backup of important files in the user locally on the network or on an external hard drive. This feature would be the equivalent of Time Machine on Mac OS X;
  • a platform for push notifications for Windows ;
  • a new integrated tool for making screenshots (no further details at this time);
  • Catch a dedicated application using the webcam (no further details at this time);
  • the integration of Tiles (tiles) dynamic(confirmed by Microsoft );
  • the Professional version, the feature named “Portable Workspace ‘which would, if you connect a USB key (over 16 GB), the system creates a specific version of himself in order to be executed prior everywhere ;
  • the “Hybrid boot” that would reduce the time to restart Windows after closing 8. A feature that would replace the usual closure procedure to replace it and use the advanced hibernation;
  • the “Streaming Manager” which is similar to Click-to-run (start with just one click) to Office 2010. To use a click-to-run, the necessary elements are downloaded as a priority in order to start running while the rest continues to be downloaded in the background;
  • a new Task Manager that would end a task more easily and offer a redesigned interface;
  • support files PDF natively integrated ;
  • Aero theme for the safe mode (which was in its earlier versions than Windows Classic);
  • minor modifications, in the creation of an account that now shows “Local Administrator”;
  • change of “avatar” would become the change “look”;
  • The service center would host a novelty, Genuine Activation (Activation Center Windows);
  • a pattern for touch screens (password combination with visual);
  • UAC (User Account Control) have changed slightly;
  • an icon appears on the bottom right of the hour which means a shortcut to lock the computer, log off, switch users, etc..;
  • Xbox Live will be present (confirmed by Microsoft).
  • One way to read the Xbox 360.


Public leaks :

Besides the many leaked pictures and videos, there are three internal builds of Windows 8 leaked. All of these builds were anonymously leaked to the private FTP server of In the following hours each also appeared torrents with the same content.

Windows 8 Build 7850

This is the first leaked build that was released in April 2011. There are not many changes from Windows 7, there are already some new features:

  • Task UI (task manager)
  • Modern Reader (built-in PDF reader )
  • Ribbon
  • Webcam


Windows 8 Build 7955

This build of February 2011 was anonymously leaked in April 2011. The anonymous source said the following could be activated:

  • Ribbon
  • Application folder
  • Full DWM (hide blur)
  • Webcam
  • New OOBE [7]
  • Login (login pattern)
  • TaskUI (new task manager)
  • PDF reader
  • Immersive Browser


Windows 8 Original installation

In May, the original installer for build 7955 leaked . Earlier it was always an use of Windows 7 installer.


Windows 8 Build 7959 (64 bit)

On May 1, 2011 leaked the first 64-bit build. It is intended as a build server .


Windows  8 Build 7989 (64 bit)

On June 18 leak, a few hours after some screenshots leaked, half 64-bit build. Changes in this build are “Aero”, improved OOBE and a new boot screen with a betta fish .


The Microsoft Windows 8 Price in India is still not announced



Microsoft has launched Free beta version called Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which you can down it from here.



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