Kobo eReader Touch Edition Price in India

Kobo eReader Touch Edition Price in India : The Kobo eReader Touch Edition is an e-reader with 6-inch touch screen that you used with the E-Ink Pearl Technology (16 grays) always – even in sunlight – good to read. The intuitive touch interface can also highlight a sentence, a word search, zoom, enlarge the letters, or quickly navigate within a book or library. It is easy to find a book using WiFi and a virtual keyboard. The operation of the Kobo Touch can be easily modified, so that he can be easily controlled for left-handed readers. This e-reader offers a choice of seven fonts and font sizes 25 and it is also possible to add your own fonts. The refresh rate is fully adjustable and if you touch the Kobo eReader off or sleep mode turned on, the book cover in full screen. Kobo also offers access to Reading Life, which you are able, for example, passages, quotes and share experiences with friends in the form of a book or on Facebook and Twitter. The Kobo eReader Touch has 2GB memory, 1GB which is suitable for the storage of e-books. Memory is expandable with an SD memory card (up to 32GB, enough for 30,000 e-books). Kobo promises a battery life of one month.

The Kobo eReader is a touch screen eReader e-book reader with a weight of 185 grams. The dimensions of the ereader are 16.50 x 11.40 x 1.00 inches. The Kobo eReader Touch is available in black, white, blue, purple and silver.

Kobo eReader Touch Edition

With Kobo eReader Touch, you read Books on the 6.0″e-ink Pearl screen (600 x 800 pixels). The Ereader is easy to operate through the touch screen. An e-ink screen is specially designed for the reading experience of ink on paper. The advantage is the extremely low power consumption and good readability under bright lighting conditions. E-Ink Pearl screen offers better power management and faster turnaround times than the original e-ink screens. You can continuously read 720 hours with a fully charged battery.

This eReader can read document formats, namely EPUB, PDF, MOBI, PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, CBZ and CBR eBooks. JPEG, POISON, PNG, BMP and TIFF images you see without problems on the Kobo eReader Touch.

The Kobo eReader Touch has 2GB of internal memory (Flash). In total there is 1 SD slot for external memory. You can transfer data via USB and transfer to your PC. This has further Kobo WiFi (for wireless communication with home or small office network).

Kobo eReader Specifications :

Dimensions : 185 g, 165 x 114 x 10 mm

Battery : Li-Ion battery, 720 hours of reading time

Memory : 2 GB storage,  an SD card slot

Screen  : 6.0″ E-Ink Pearl, 600 x 800 Touchscreen


Colors : Black, white, blue, purple and silver

The Kobo eReader eReader Price in India is Rs.6,500/- approx.


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