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iPhone 4S Price in India : The new Apple’s iPhone 4S is ideal for those who love video games.  The two-core chip A5 offer up to twice the performance and graphics up to 7 times more energetic and you realize that in a blink of an eye. The iPhone 4S is very fast, especially when opening apps, surf the Internet or play.

The iPhone 4S features the best camera ever seen on a phone. Thanks to its extraordinary new perspective, no need to carry another camera with you anymore. Behind each image, there is 8 megapixel resolution and  a lens with a wider aperture(f / 2.4),  the improved backlight sensor, automatic white balance, advanced color accuracy, detection facial and image stabilization. The number of people, the conditions of light and movement are the least of: everything looks as it is in reality. Your photos speak for themselves.

Iphone 4S

The Apple’s iPhone 4S has 1080p HD video. With the goal completely renovated light and bright colors is always right: everything seems more beautiful. The video stabilization corrects shaky, and the final touch from the iPhone directly in a few taps on your film will be ready to make your friends green with envy. You can create amazing 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second. The advanced sensor BSI and the larger aperture captures more light, the best white balance provides better color fidelity and image noise reduction helps you make great shots even in low light. With FaceTime to-face, you can chat over Wi-Fi with another iPhone, iPad 2, a Mac or an iPod touch. Video calls with FaceTime are as easy as making a call.

The standard app on your iPhone are at the beginning. In App Store, there are hundreds of thousands of all kinds of applications, and many are free. With every app on your iPhone, you can do something new.

Apple Iphone 4S

With AirPlay videos, photos and music on the iPhone that you are streaming to your HD television and home stereo: no wires are required, you just need a TV application.  With AirPlay mirroring, everything you see and do on your iPhone is replicated at the same time on TV.

Print e-mail, photos, web pages and documents directly from your iPhone via Wi-Fi. You do not have to download software, install drivers or cables to connect: just a few taps on the iPhone to transfer on paper everything you see on the display.

IPhone 4S is the first mobile phone capable of alternating an intelligent two antennas transmit and receive, improving call quality. Also doubles the data rate of 14.4 Mbps HSDPA, reaching connections.  So, download, upload and refresh rate are even more lightning. In addition, 4S iPhone works around the world: you can carry it around everywhere. Now both CDMA GSM users and those are free to use GSM networks in 200 countries around the world.

In summary, with subscription rates will be dependent on the storage options offered by the terminal. Thus we get:

Price updated on 07, October, 2012

iPhone 4S 16GB -> Rs. 37099

iPhone 4S 32GB  -> Rs. 44990

iPhone 4S 64 GB -> Rs. 55799


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