How to install Motorola Device Manager



Here we present a tutorial on installing Motorola’s official PC Suite called Motorola Device Manager, a platform that lets you interact with your mobile phone or tablet in a very simple way.

Installing Motorola Device Manager

The first thing you have to do is download the program and run the installer. This brings up a window that will recommend closing all open applications to make the process faster. The truth is that, unless you have a very heavy program for your system, the speed difference is almost not noticeable. Click on Continue to go to the next screen of the installer.

 Motorola Device Manager 1

After doing the previous step, you’ll be display a window that say’s you are about to install the program. Click on the Next button will take you to the terms and conditions, which you should read carefully before installing and using the program. If you agree with them, you just have to tick the acceptance of the terms and press Install.

 Motorola Device Manager 2

By doing so, you will see that the installer extracts the files needed for the process, install the USB drivers and then configure everything. Once this short procedure comes to an end, you’ll see a screen that tells you the installation was successful and inform you that the program will automatically open when you connect one of the supported devices to PC.

Motorola Device Manager 3

Sometimes drivers are not loaded properly until you restart the system. So, if you connect your phone or tablet to your computer and nothing happens, try restarting your PC. If it still does not work, make sure your device is in the list of supported devices on the official site.

 Motorola Device Manager 4

What can you do with Motorola Device Manager?

As any dedicated software to act as a bridge between the PC and a mobile device, this application is able to transfer pictures and videos, send SMS, make internet connections and even create backup copies of all your phone book , so you do not miss any information in case something happens to your phone or your operating system.

Also, certain Motorola devices that have Android operating system can be upgraded through this platform. Actually, you will not have to do much, as the tool will alert you when there is a new version of your software and will offer you the possibility to update it whenever you want.

Finally, it is important to mention that Motorola Device Manager works with devices that have Android system, Motorola OS or Windows Mobile. It is definitely an essential application for all Motorola mobile owners because without it, the exchanges between the PC and phones or tablets would be impossible. So if you have one of Motorola devices, be sure to install it on your computer.

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