Apple Iphone 5 Full Phone Specifications



In recent weeks, hundreds of rumors have arisen about the new mobile phone from Apple, the iPhone 5. This time we present a list of 10 features more likely to integrate this new device.

Apple iphone 5


One of the most discussed features on the iPhone 5 is the design. While some feel that the new phone will have a radical change, with rounded edges and metal back cover, others think it will pose no significant change compared with the current iPhone 4s.


Various sources have reported that the new generation of Apple iphone 5 will integrate a 4-inch screen, another may be the size of 3.7 inches. Either way it is hoped that the new screen will be larger compared to the current iPhone screen 4 of 3.5 inches.


Apple’s new device will include an 8 megapixel camera and LED flash. So far rumors suggest that the new camera will be from Sony.

64 GB Model

For heavy users of the iPhone, 16 and 32 GB is not enough space for all the pictures, videos, music and applications that want to store. According to reports, the new Apple iphone 5 could have a 64 GB.

Record high definition video

The current iPhone 4 only records video at a resolution of 720p, but it is believed that the iPhone 5 will record video in 1080p resolution.


According to reports, the iPhone 5 will be a global phone GSM-CDA, like its predecessor, the iPhone 4.

A5 processor

A5 processor was recently launched in the iPhone 2, and is believed to also include the new iPhone 5.


Currently the iPhone 4 has 512 MB RAM, but some rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will have 1 GB for the same purpose.

Control by voice

Perhaps the iPhone 5 will integrate voice recognition feature included in its virtual keyboard and allow to dictates of emails or messages and search by voice over the Internet.

Better battery

The new Apple mobile phone will have a better battery, which will load up to 40% higher compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 4.



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