Surface Pro 2, Microsoft removed the firmware

Following numerous reports received by different users, the firmware of December for the Surface Pro 2 has been removed from Windows Update. Microsoft has removed from Windows Update the firmware for the Surface Pro 2 released on December 10. A few hours after its availability, several users have reported an inability to install the update.

Windows Phone Store has more than 200,000 apps

Windows Phone users can now choose from over 200,000 apps, including the recent Instagram, Angry Bird Vine and Go As the Christmas is coming, Microsoft has decided to recall the developers and users for opportunities offered by Windows Phone, in terms of profits and availability of applications. The Company announced that the Windows Phone Store

Samsung unveils a GamePad for Android Smartphones

Samsung introduces Smartphone GamePad, a controller for Android Smartphones from 4 to 6.3 inches. In response to the rapid expansion of the market for gaming on mobile devices, Samsung introduces a GamePad for smartphones with Android operating system, designed to provide customers with a convenient and fun way to enjoy a better experience with mobile

An easter egg for Christmas on Google Now

The Mountain View group wishes you a Merry Christmas in his own way with a cute easter egg included in the server Google Now on Android devices. With the holidays fast approaching, the search engine wishes you a Merry Christmas in his own way with a cute easter egg hidden in the wizard Google Now.

Microsoft moves Skype on Windows Azure

The VoIP service is now managed through the Windows Azure cloud platform. SkyDrive is also expected to change in the same infrastructure. Windows Azure is the platform that allows other companies to offer services and websites to their customers. The same Microsoft leverages cloud infrastructure for Office 365, Xbox One, and, recently, also for Skype.